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Allergic urticaria is a type of skin disease commonly known as hives. It can occur in the form of raised, red and water-filled rashes on the skin in certain parts of the body or spread throughout the body.

Ozone therapy is a treatment method in which ozone gas is used for medical purposes. Ozone is a molecule consisting of 3 oxygen atoms (O3). Ozone gas is usually produced through an ozone generator and can be applied to the area to be treated.

Ozone increases body resistance as it activates the immune system. Since it activates the antioxidant system, it cleans free oxygen radicals and prevents damage to our body. It increases the fighting capacity of body defense cells that fight microorganisms that cause infection. Improvement in wounds, itching and redness is observed in sessions.

Ozone therapy can be applied in different ways. Major ozone application is commonly used in the diagnosis of allergic urticaria. Major ozone, 50-200 ml. blood is taken and mixed with ozone gas, the appropriate dose of which is determined for the patient, and given back through the opened intravenous line. Or a certain amount of ozone loaded into the serum is administered intravenously in the form of serum. The procedure performed with completely sterile and disposable consumables takes 20-30 minutes. Although ozone sessions may vary depending on the patient's condition, ozone is recommended by physicians for an average of 10 sessions.

There may be multiple factors that trigger allergic urticaria. In such cases, we focus on the underlying causes of the diseases by evaluating the nutrition, sleep, exercise capacity, etc. of our patients. We apply our treatments in combination with such lifestyle adjustments. In the treatment step, we perform applications under the headings of detoxification, regulation and repair.

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